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Content Writing | Vélez + Russell

Content writing in 2019 is about eye-grabbing, fact-rich copy that tells your user what they need to know, immediately. We care about the kind of concise writing that leaves your users feeling like they’ve actually read and understood an article.

This is sadly lacking in a lot of copy that we scan and drift off to in 2019. Our writers are great with grammar, psychology and have graduate degrees in science or literature.

Using psychological marketing ideas such as neurolinguistic programming, we suggest your desired course of action to any user reading your copy.

We also reveal a lot of how we have done what we have done with you, as part of our trust-based marketing policy. We listen, we try to understand your business’ angle and we make suggestions. Ultimately, we let you decide what you want and we create the copy you envision.

We make sure we are hitting your demographics queries by researching semantically related queries and keywords that your site can rank for, as well as important frequently asked questions that any user will be interested in knowing.

If you’re keen to know more about our copywriting, then get in touch with us via our bookings page. We offer different tiers that depend on:

  • Length of copy – 600 words is our minimum job, this can be spread out across multiple items if need be.
  • Expertise required – i.e. is it scientific, specialist copy? Is it product marketing?
  • If you have purchased our products before or are purchasing multiple products
  • If you are a local business, we offer a 15% discount on our products
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