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Google Adwords | Comprehensive Monthly Management


What’s Included?

  • Comprehensive, all-inclusive monthly management of your adverts, including customer and demographic research, keyword and cost per click research and analysis.
  • We use actionable metrics to demonstrate if our campaign has been working, and provide you with highly visual, fact-driven monthly reports
  • Need more than Google Ads? We also work with GumTree, and other local listings services, as desired. If you’re looking for a specific package, contact Vélez + Russel today for a quote
  • Communication and support via email and WhatsApp 12-9 on business days


 Don’t postpone your happiness. Life is wasted by delaying.

Epicurus, Ancient Greek Philosopher

Google Adwords is the fastest and easiest way to get your page at the top of the results listings.

You can rank first, even if your business is brand new. For a small cost per click, you can attract users who are likely to engage with your business, and translate those into sales!

How it Works:

Google Adwords Symbol

An advertisement has a cost per click (CPC) we find keywords and phrases to target so that you come up first on Search Results Pages (SERPS) when your potential customers search for these.

For example, someone is searching for a removals company in Hounslow.

They type in ‘local removals’. We target the area (Hounslow), and you appear first on that search listing. This is known as an ‘impression‘ and is free. You only pay if someone searching for your company clicks on the advertisement.

What we do

Google Adwords works best with a well-optimized landing page. We take care of narrowing down and then targeting your optimal demographic for making sales, or for expanding your business.

This is a lengthy process that involves coordination with Google Analytics, Search Console and cohort testing websites in order to optimise your landing pages.

We use this data, along with keyword research to find landing page and keyword combinations that get you the right customers for your desired oucomes, whether it be growth, engagement or sales.

Want to Eventually Manage your own Adwords Accounts?

Google Adwords can be complicated to use. Don’t feel put off by that, we will not only manage your Adwords accounts for you, but if you want to have a fiddle around yourself we also provide guides and training if you want to take over from our services, for a small additional fee.

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