Who's Behind Vélez and Russell?

I’m Andy, I founded Vélez and Russell after graduating as a biological scientist from Royal Holloway University of London. 

I started off my working career as a an art salesman at Spitalfields Market for the growing UK company ‘Illustrate’. 

Sales jobs are important for a new graduate, they teach you how to listen for what a client wants, as well as how to find the best products for clients.

I later went to live in Bristol where for over a year, I worked several odd-jobs, as a cryptocurrency trader and content writer, to a bar-man whilst adventuring. I later returned to London, along with my newly adopted Jack Russell Terrier, King. 

Since moving back, I’ve been working in digital marketing whilst getting involved with entrepreneurship, medical technology hackathons and networking events. 

To me, digital marketing represents freedom: it’s the ability to be able to cultivate interests and to learn a little each day about everything and anything, whilst also taking a participative role in society.

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I specialise in strategyanalysis, design and scientific copywriting but also I offer a host of other digital marketing packages and services. Some of these are collaborative efforts with other creatives I know. 

I’m based in Ruislip with my dog, King where I run V+R from a home office. Just like the mascot and business; namesake: King, I love to track down exciting opportunities. 

If you would like to drop by in person, please give me a phone call or an email, or simply book yourself in on the calendar.

 You can meet both of the company namesakes, enjoy a coffee and most importantly, start growing your business!

TRUST-BASED MARKETING, and Long term work relationships

We cultivate a culture of trust at Vélez and Russell. Being a local business, we want to establish successful long term relationships with all the businesses who work with us. We do this by cultivating a culture of transparency with you about the kind of work we will do, how it ties into our long-term strategy for your business.

As such, we provide a 20% discount on future work to any individuals or businesses who liked working with us enough to recommend us to another business or friend. We also provide a 20% discount to users who want to pay for on-going, annual projects

Why you should pick Independent marketers over an agency

As an independent marketer, I work in small batches. This means that if you want an adjustment to the product I am delivering to you – be it tone of content or whatever – I can catch the fault early and repair it. Small batches also enable the creative to build more cost-effective products faster than bulkier companies that manage several accounts, and work in large batches.

 Toyota developed the idea of small batches in the 80s in order to compete with larger multi-national car manufacturers, and it worked out very effectively for them. It’s a scientific methodology that focuses on building, and then measuring the effectiveness of that product using actionable metrics. I then learn and improve the product I make for you, be it by targeting a different demographic, changing the style, or what have you.

For example: in the case of account management or SEO copywriting, engagement metrics are used to test how effective our product is at getting click throughs, likes, shares or purchases. If your business is looking towards the outcome of growth, I would aim to increase shares and likes. If I  learn that the initial hypothesis are not being validated, I’m able to quickly pivot (change our strategy and adopt a better informed one) in order to keep in line with the desired outcomes. 

Companies working in small batches are able to do this far more easily, because they don’t have a lot of clients accounts to handle compared to a larger business. Therefore it is easier to quickly review and analyse results, look for solutions to any problems, and then rapidly implement them.

The classic example given, is that of packing envelopes. Say you have 100 envelopes to pack: do you break down the task? and pack each envelope first, then write each address, then individually write the address, and then individually place the stamps on: or, do you pack, print the address and then stamp each envelope one by one?

It might be counter-intuitive, but the most efficient method is actually preparing the envelopes one-by-one, in small batches.

Try it yourself, and time it. You’ll find that it’s consistently easier to do one by one, and over larger sample sizes this only augments. Say for example you make an error writing the address but only find out when you go to postage stamp the 68th envelope. What then?

So, not only is an independent marketer handling your accounts less error-prone, and more effective, but it is also cheaper. We provide great communication and don’t overburden ourselves. We prefer a handful of trustworthy long term clients to a basketful of unreliable ones

Find our office at Rotary House in Ruisip. Just a 5 minute bus ride on the H1 or 331 busses from Ruislip Underground station, which is accessible via the Metropolitan line or Picadilly lines. 

If you’re headed up from the Central line, then Ruislip Underground is a short bus ride or walk away, and the office is 30 minutes away.

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