1. Website Design packages

This portfolio was designed with an architecture student from the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL). 

The aims for the project are to display his work in a clear, sequential and quickly accessible manner. This is the simplest way for his professors and future clients to be able to quickly view, create associations between and eventually give a perspective on his individual projects as they exist as a whole.

We crafted him an easy to edit website and taught him how to navigate its functions in a guidance session. 

We gave this local business a rapidly loading business page capable of quickly informing their customers of what they needed to know to use their business. 

The owners were not comfortable answering a lot of emails or receiving long calls, so we included the important details in a ‘read me’ form. 

The main business page and read me documents are littered with key phrases that target the locations that their business operates in. At the top right, near the typical thumb position on a phone is the main call to action. 

Readers are encouraged to contact the team immediately via WhatsAp. We also built backlinks through some local listings to help them augment their presence as a local business.


A Nootropic review website and periodical blog. All the design was done by us, including the branding using the genius and scientist images.

This informed the brand, designed to interest otherwise unacquainted audience with the products by pure intrigue- this is also why the colour palette is nouveau and uses camp colours to draw attention to its intellectually rebelious logo.


Coaching on applying different kinds of SEO best practices, guidance on constructing content with well researched key phrases and ideas in mind, and optimisation of that content using best practices.

We created A social media posting conceptualisation based on user demographics problems and peak engagement times, from which a posting calendar was also informed. 

We also created a condensed SEO guide to help coach new employees, content writers and people in their business on SEO best practices, and writing content that appeals to Google search engine.


3. Digital Content and Email marketing

Cosmic Nootropic is a Russian wholesaler of adaptogens, anti-aging products, bioregulators, peptide pharmaceuticals, reproductive health products, immune stimulants. 

They were looking to do outreach in European countries, as well as to find more affiliates and content creators. 

Through our work they established a link with another UK based client, Nootropic.Press and we are in the process of establishing more connections to health practitioners and business’ of all kinds across the UK.


Cosmic Nootropic Logo

A Bath based Cannabis seed company with a strong ethos. They believe in decriminalisation and in the medicinal benefits of Cannabis. We are barely beginning to scratch the surface on the numerous medicinal and therapeutic properties of cannabis, and the UK government is slowly coming around. We hope to see a lot of exciting growth for The British Seed co in years to come.

That’s why we create keyword-rich copy for them, to drive traffic to their website from other forward-thinking business owners and individuals, helping them to achieve their aims for growth and visibility. 

3.1 British Seed Co.

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